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Timothy Hackworth – a Hidden Hero

AV Dawson, owner and operator of Port of Middlesbrough has unveiled a 200-metre square mural to celebrate the birthplace of modern Middlesbrough and to showcase its 190-year history and its rich rail heritage. The mural, entitled ‘Hidden Hero’, features Timothy Hackworth, the rail pioneer who designed the original coal export staithes at Port Darlington - now known as Port of Middlesbrough - as well as designing the first locomotive to deliver cargo to the port – which was named “Globe.” Hackworth was pivotal to the original development of Port of Middlesbrough, the growth of Middlesbrough town and the evolution of the railway across the world. The commemorative mural, which was unveiled by Jane Hackworth-Young, the great-great granddaughter of Hackworth, has been painted onto an external, gable end wall, adjacent to The Staithes - AV Dawson’s new head office at Port of Middlesbrough. Jane Hackworth-Young said: “I am delighted my great-great grandfather, Timothy Hackworth, is being recognised in Middlesbrough. “As Superintendent Engineer of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, (S&DR) he designed and built the Middlesbrough staithes, which extended the railway by 4 miles. “His locomotive 'Globe', built to carry passengers, ran on that day and during its working life attained a speed of 50 miles per hour.

The Globe Locomotive. Art/UK. © the artist. Photo credit: Durham County Council

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