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In January 2022, the North Eastern Tile Railway Tile Map was restored at Bridlington station

In 1987 the map was hacked off the wall on platform 1 at Bridlington station (now a housing estate) while railway historians tried to save it.

Believed lost forever it ended up stored in a crate at Hull Paragon station. A chance visit by the North Eastern Railway Association, discovered it, and purchased the remains, offering it to several museums but there were no takers so it was stored for several decades.

Lost but not forgotten, 33 years later, a detective hunt by Steve Bramley, local Northern driver, Eden from the North Eastern Tile Company and Rachel from YCCRP, rediscovered the story of Bridlington's old tiles. The North Eastern Railway Association and Anne who had carefully stored the tiles were delighted that the seaside town were keen on a restoration project. John & Chris Edmond, local builders, who had over the summer of 2021 installed a new North Eastern Railway Tile Map at Hunmanby station were keen to take up the challenge. When John removed the old brickwork and sanded the tiles you could smell the soot from the old steam engines. Perseverance pays!

There are now North Eastern Railway Historic Tile Maps displayed locally at Beverley, Bridlington, Hunmanby, Scarborough and Whitby stations.

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