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Durham coast resignalling

Operative from:

02.00 hrs on WEDNESDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2021. . . . . .

Affecting the lines between Stockton and Sunderland South Junction, also between Norton South and Ferryhill South Junction, Including Norton West to Norton East, Billingham to SealSands Storage, Seaton-on-Tees Branch, and Ryhope Grange to Hendon.

Nine signal boxes were closed when lineside signalling wasreplacedbetween Norton South Junction and Greatham, and signalling between Greatham and Ryhope Grange,also between Norton on Tees East Jn and Ferryhill Jn,was re-controlledto a new Hartlepool Workstation at York ROC.

The Hartlepool Workstation fringes to Tyneside IECC at Ryhope Grange and Ferryhill Junction; the fringebetween Norton South Junction and Stockton is to the Bowesfield Workstation at York ROC.

Apart from Hall Dene CCTVwhich was retained, most other level crossings were converted to MCB-OD operation controlled from York ROC (Hartlepool workstation).

Ryhope Grange SB was built to the NER N3 design, and opened in 1905 when it had a 70 lever McKenzie & Holland frame; the frame was replaced in 1951 by a No.17 pattern frame, also of 70 levers, but later reduced to 40 levers.

To be continued..

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Richard Pulleyn

Deputy Director, FARSAP Project

Friends of the National Railway Museum

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[C01J, E05B]

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