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Friends of the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum

The Sierra Leone National Railway Museum has been working with WAYout (West African Youth) Arts on the creation of a short film to advertise the Museum. The film was part of a training programme in film-making led by WAYout co-founder Hazel Chandler. The film was compiled by students Abubakarr Gblah and Alhaji. Kondeh.

It explores the history of the railway in Sierra Leone and features museum founder Steve Davies reminiscing about his discovery of the dilapidated collection in 2004, Senior Tour Guide Mohamed Jabbie telling the story of the Queen’s Coach and Education Officer Abdul Karim Kamara outlining his ambitions for the museum. Please watch it and share as widely as possible.

WAYout Arts is a charity which works in Sierra Leone to change the lives of street, vulnerable and conflict affected young people through the arts. The charity offers training and shelter, makes films that can effect change and records music that enables the excluded to re-engage. Other creative media are also taught, including poetry and photography and artistic freedom, education and empowerment are promoted. Find out more here

Helen Ashby OBE

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