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Did You Know that David Bowie was a train fan?

David Bowie - Station to Station. Live at the Nihon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan - December 12, 1978

One of his most successful albums in 1976 was Station to Station.

The song kicks off for at least a minute with the sound of a train setting off before the melody comes sweeping in gradually but methodically just like the settling in of a steam locomotive.

In 1973 Bowie completed the Japanese leg of his Ziggy Stardust tour and decided to travel back to Europe without taking a single flight.

Sunset passengers train ride steppe Rails Russia Buryatia Aerial drone

From Yokohama he took the boat to Vladivostok and then the Trans-Siberian to Moscow. Crossing the Russian Steppes had a huge impact on him :

"I could never have imagined such expanses of unspoilt,natural country without actually seeing it for myself, it was a glimpse into another age, another world and it made a very strong impression on me . It was strange to be sitting in a train, which is the product of technology - the invention of mankind and travelling through land so untouched and unspoiled by man and his invention"

Frank Paterson

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