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Bulleid pacific 34051 Winston Churchill pulled the funeral train of the great man in January 1965, and the NRM brought together several of the actual vehicles which were in that train for an exhibition to commemorate 50 years since that freezing cold January day when the train took his body from London to Long Hanborough, near Blenheim. Bulleid’s pacifics were unusual in many ways; not only being developed and built during World War 2, but also in their engineering and profile, although many were later rebuilt to look like more conventional engines. Thos book, Winston Churchill and the Bulleid Pacifics was published covering the provenance, design and working life of these locomotives, several of which are now preserved across the country.

Winston Churchill and the Bulleid Pacifics

  • Published to coincide with the return of Winston Churchill to the NRM after cosmetic restoration which was financed by the Friends of the NRM.
    by Rob Adamson and Chris Nettleton (136 pages, 30cm x 21cm, Softback)

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