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After many years being exhibited in the Science Museum, London, Stephenson’s original Rocket was transferred to York in 2019 in support of the excellent Brass, Steel and Fire exhibition of models of early locomotives. At the NRM, home of Britain’s railways, Rocket will continue to be exhibited, although sometimes it will be taken to sister museum Shildon for exhibition. As the other ‘most famous steam locomotive in the world’ the original Rocket is somewhat different in appearance to the replicas, as following its successful trial at Rainhill in 1829, it continued to be used for tests and was modified in several ways before finally being ‘withdrawn’. The Rainhill trials, the development of the Liverpool and Manchester railway and a profile of the Stephensons is given in this book. 

The Story of Stephenson's Rocket

  • To commemorate the move of Rocket to its new permanent home at the Railway Museum in York, this definitive guide to one of the most famous locomotives is told here. It covers George and Robert Stephenson, Rocket, Rainhill trials, its competitors and the history of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
    by Rob Adamson and Chris Nettleton
    (60 pages, 24cm x 17cm, softback)

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