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The LMS's West Coast Main line answer to the record-breaking feats of the LNER on the East Coast Main Line was to have streamlined locomotives too.  Until 1938, one of the Coronation class held the British steam speed record of 114mph.  Reflecting the art-deco style of the 1930s, William Stanier designed the Coronation class locomotives and many of the earlier examples from 1937 were built in streamlined form.  Later examples of the thirty-eight strong class were built in non-streamlined form.  After the second world war, the streamlined casing was removed from all locomotives.  To reflect the beautiful lines of Stanier's streamlining, the Friends of the NRM funded the re-streamlining of Duchess of Hamilton and this locomotive is now on display in the NRM at York.  This book tells the story of these very powerful locomotives, some of which have survived into preservation.  

Duchess of Hamilton

  • Published to commemorate the re-streamlining of Duchess of Hamilton, which was financed by the Friends of the NRM.
    by Rob Adamson (74 pages, 30cm x 21cm, Softback)

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