The Ears have it.

English Electric Type 4 1Co-Co1 D255 is seen approaching Dunchurch with the diverted 10 13am Birmingham New Street to Euston express service.

Picture: Warwickshire railways online

In a previous post I explained some of the smells associated with railways, a subject which produced plenty of nostalgic reflections on what various smells meant to each of us. There is certainly no shortage of ‘smell memorabilia’ out there! This post takes a different tack, though, with another of our senses – hearing.

Mentioning sounds often produces recollections of the sounds of steam locomotives – the characteristic ‘chuffing’ sound, blowing off steam, clanking coupling rods and, of course, the very sound of a train passing over jointed rail. Of course, there’s a whole industry producing recordings of particular trains on particular routes. When a locomotive passes, particularly a steam locomotive, there are as many sound rec