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The demise of Padgate signalbox in July 1967

Some people moan about the rigorous approach to health and safety on the current railway but who would argue that change was essential after listening to Ray Walkingtons story about Padgate signal box in 1967.

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Frank Paterson
Frank Paterson
Mar 12, 2021

Many of the sounds John mentions are from what I would call the 'heavy railway'

The softer sound I recall with pleasure is the tinkling of the single needle telegraph where the morse code dots and dashes are converted into tenor and bass sounds. As a junior clerk in 1946 on the ex GNof S network it was mandatory to become proficient with the telegraph - the prime source of passing messages.In those days you needed permission from the stationmaster to use the GPO telephone to contact locations not on the internal telephone system. Sending messages on the telegraph was relatively easy but receiving was a whole new game. You had to indicate before you received the message your competen…

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