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Michael Wallace Essay Competition

Michael Wallace, MBE ,the Friends late lamented Honorary Secretary retired in 1992 as Deputy Head of Ripon Grammar School after 34 years teaching there.

He was a life member of Friends of the National Railway Museum (FNRM) from the beginning and between 1992 to his death in 2018 he devoted his skills and a large part of his time to our organisation.

He also left us a substantial legacy and one way of publicly acknowledging his considerable contributions to both education and railways is an Essay competition in his name.

Winner Ellen Mckeag. Ripon Grammar School

Open to pupils of all ages from his old school this initial years competition attracted 21 entries covering a very wide range of railway topics.

The four judges, Helen Ashby, Philip Benham, Chris Nettleton and David Thomas selected the top three in the senior and junior categories and all the participants were invited to a VIP day at the Museum on 21st July for the presentation of their awards. It is the intention to publish the winning essays in future editions of the Review.

Unfortunately Covid isolations reduced the number attending but the photograph above shows the group in front of the Duchess of Hamilton - the locomotive which was rescued, restored and operated entirely from funds raised by the Friends of the NRM.

Find out more about Friends of the NRM here

Friends contributions to the NRM can be seen here

Frank Paterson

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