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Latest additions to signalling film archive

The most recent films uploaded onto the Film Archive of Railway Signalling and People (FARSAP) site give us a total of 165 signalling locations, plus people’s memories and signalling topic primers. Recent additions with the East of Nottingham area films take us from Newark Castle back towards Nottingham, taking in Staythorpe Crossing, Rolleston Crossing, Fiskerton, Fiskerton Junction and Lowdham. Then on the line from Grantham to Nottingham the film covers Allington Junction, Bottesford West and Bingham West. Also now available are the latest additions to the Barnetby to Grimsby line covering New Barnetby, Brocklesby Junction, Ulceby Junction, Roxton Siding, Stallingborough, Marsh Junction, Great Coates No.1 and Pyewipe Road Crossing. Also in that patch, the impressively large Great Central 137 lever box at Wrawby Junction which was filmed in 2014 has been on FARSAP for some time along with Pasture Street, Grimsby. The Barton-on-Humber branch and Immingham Docks videos also available on FARSAP for some time now help to give a very comprehensive impression of signalling around the Grimsby area.

Details of the latest additions have been posted on four Facebook sites which between them have over 22,000 members. These are BR Signalmen, Signalwomen and Signallers; Signalboxes and Signalling; Mechanical Railway Signalling; and, British Rail Old School. The FARSAP team hope that members of these groups will investigate further if they’re paying attention: we expect nothing less from the signalling fraternity and sorority! Within hours there have already been 50 “thumbs up” ratings for these latest Facebook postings. We’ve also had comment from a signaller who once worked in Newark Castle box and another from a Newark shunter who prevented a suicide by the box whilst on night duty.

There’s already a lot to see on FARSAP and more material is being added as it is edited. So to avoid indigestion the advice is to keep visiting regularly, view reasonably sized chunks at a time and keep coming back to see what’s new.

Mike Peart

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