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Kings Cross PSB - closure

Kings Cross PSB opened on 4 July 1976 as part of the ongoing ECML resignalling programme. It was fitted with an NX Panel of the Henry Williams Integra Domino design. The building and Panel were refurbished in 2006/2007.

The last train signalled from the station by Kings Cross PSB was 2Y98 at 01.40 on Friday 23rd April 2021, following which the station remained closed until 04.00 hrs on Monday 26th April 2021.

However, 2Y98 was not the last train signalled by Kings Cross PSB – the box continued to signal trains throughout Friday 23rd from the Thameslink Core at Belle Isle Jnc northwards along the ECML, and vice versa, and also trains to Moorgate.

The box was booked to close after the last train through the Thameslink Core on Saturday 24th, with the possession being booked at 01.20hrs. The last train signalled was 9W90 23.11 Horsham – Finsbury Park. The box closed at 23.59hrs on 24th April 2021, the panels themselves having been shut down some time previously on the same day.

The Kings Cross Station Throat area was extensively remodelled, and two new lines brought into service between Copenhagen Junction and the station utilising the previously redundant East bore of Gas Works Tunnel. Kings Cross Platform 10 was taken out of use, and the existing Kings Cross Platform 11 renumbered to Platform 10. Platform 0 was returned to operational use .

Operative from 04.00 HRS Monday 26th April 2021

The east side of Kings Cross station (Platforms 0 to 6 and the formerly disused bore of Gasworks Tunnel) reopened on Monday 26th April, signalled from York ROC.

Control was transferred from Kings Cross PSB to two new workstations "Kings Cross" and "Finsbury Park" at York ROC, with alterations to the existing Wood Green workstation.

The Kings Cross workstation covers the lines from Kings Cross station to Holloway North at approximately the 2 mile post, and the area of control for the Finsbury Park workstation is from approximately the 2 mile post covering the ECML lines, the Moorgate lines, Canonbury lines and Harringay T&H curve to the new fringe covered by the extended Wood Green workstation at approx. 4m 20ch.

The new Fringe Signalling Locations became Three Bridges ROC (interface on Canal Tunnels), Upminster IECC (interface on the North London Incline to Camden Road and the Canonbury Lines to Canonbury), Ashford IECC (interface on the North London Line to HS1) and South Tottenham SB (interface at Harringay Park Junction).

At Hornsey Depot, Ferme Park Sidings and Bounds Green Depot, the Interfacing signal box changed from Kings Cross PSB to York ROC. At Moorgate Station the Auto working facility was retained and the method of operation remained unaltered.

The Emergency Panels at Holloway Relay Room and Finsbury Park Relay Room were recovered, although those at Moorgate Relay Room, and Wood Green Relay Room were retained.


FARSAP is the "Film Archive of Railway Signalling and People".

With support from Network Rail, the FARSAP Project is recording signalling which is being transferred to the ROCs.

A film taken inside Kings Cross PSB in 2018 can be seen on the FARSAP web-site here

Richard Pulleyn


Deputy Director, FARSAP Project

Friends of the National Railway Museum

29 April 2021

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[CO1CL, E06, GO1]

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