Horace Gamble (1922 -2021)

Browsing through the latest railway literature to arrive via my electronic post box I came across a recent obituary of Horace Gamble, who died in February, this year. I imagine that most of us will have famous names associated with railway history down the years, some known across the UK, and others more locally. In my own part of the world, the East Midlands and particularly Leicester, Horace Gamble features prominently and I hope you will forgive a brief diversion on these posts to Horace’s story.

Horace was an avid collector of locomotive numbers and places in his early years, continuing through much of his life. In 1939 he co-founded the Leicester Railway Society, which continues to this day. He had a keen interest in art and photography too and many of his photos appear in books and articles, as well as local newspapers and magazines. He contributed regularly to the ‘Mr Leicester’ page of the Leicester Mercury newspaper.

In 2017 my colleagues, Bridget and Paul Masters, had the good fortune to catch up with Horace and record his memories. It’s a recording littered with locomotive numbers and places, interspersed with accounts of various railway events in the Leicester area over the years. In one sequence, Horace talked about his experiences at the beginning of World War II.

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