Borough Market Junction Signal box

This signal box originally controlled the lines between London Bridge, Cannon Street and Charing Cross/Blackfriars. It was, at the time, the most intensively worked box in the UK and featured in several British Transport Films. The lever-frame represents an important intermediate step between the old mechanical frames and electrical push-button types.

The Westinghouse frame, showing the complicated three-way junction controlling up to 100 trains an hour(about one every forty seconds) at peak times.

Photo: Mel Draper

When the junction was remodelled in 1976, the box was removed along with its interior and lever-frame, and sent to the, then new, NRM at York. It was installed on a concrete plinth behind the Station Hall in the South Yard. However, thirty years of Yorkshire weather was not kind to it and, despite some emergency repairs to the woodwork and roof, by 2012 a proper restoration job was urgently required.