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The development of railways in the UK consists of a wide range of key dates but arguably the most significant is 27th September 1825 when the world's passenger carrying railway opened between Stockton and Darlington.

Anniversaries create great opportunities to celebrate and the video clip shows how British Rail marked the 160th event on 27th September 1985.

Watch End of the Line - A HST Story. Video curtesy of EMR

Readers might enjoy seeing the InterCity 125 at the National Railway Museum.

Pictures: © National Railway Museum

Frank Paterson

Frank Paterson is President of Friends of the National Railway Museum. Frank joined the railways straight from school as a junior clerk and ended up in charge of a third of them. He ran the network stretching over 18 counties from the Thames to the Tweed from his York headquarters. The two most significant accomplishments during Frank's time in charge were the introduction of the high speed train, the 125 and the electrification of the East Coast main line, approved in 1984.

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