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Matthew Parris in 14th April Times

125 reasons to grieve. . . . . . . .

Intercity 125. BBC online

The last InterCity 125 trains are to be withdrawn from service on the East Midlands Railway next month. After almost half a century these are still the best way in Britain to travel by train. The carriages feel spacious and airy. The seats are soft. The windows are big. The corridor feels wider. And because the locomotives are at each end, something close to silence reigns for passengers, the noise of the engines being (as used to be the case with steam trains) lost in the wind outside.

Inside the First InterCity 125 | Curator with a Camera, NRM. Anthony Coulls

Travelling to London I’ve taken the 07.05 from Derby to St Pancras purely because it’s often a 125 — and quite often pulled by the very locomotives that established the world record for a diesel train (148mph) 34 years ago. They’ve recently been repainted in their old British Rail livery, as a mark of respect. Give me a moment to grieve.

Intercity 125. Great Hall National Railway Museum

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