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Spring 2023 issue 183

The NRM Review is of course one of the benefits of being a member of the Friends of the NRM and is published in January, April, July and October.

This spring edition of NRM Review always carries news of the forthcoming AGM, and after several years of disruption caused by Covid, we encourage as many members as possible to attend the meeting at the NRM on 10 June.  The agenda and other documents are in this issue.  As well as the normal business, we will also be having a presentation from a senior member of the NRM detailing the exciting past year and even more exciting forthcoming years at York and Shildon as Vision 2025 takes shape.

Since the last issue where we described the move from our erstwhile Weighbridge office home for over 25 years to a new office adjacent to the Security cabin, this move has now been completed.  As soon as we moved, deconstruction work on the Gaunless Bridge outside our office windows commenced, so it has not been a quiet time!  Gaunless Bridge is of course moving to Shildon, back near to its original home over the River Gaunless in Co. Durham.     

We have two new members of staff, so if you’re in the Museum do drop in and meet them.  The office is normally open Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 09.30 and 15.30  It already is a very busy year for the Friends, kicking off with publication of a new Flying Scotsman book, in softback and hardback versions, which we hope will generate much-needed income through sales online, in the museum shops, on Flying Scotsman excursions and at heritage railways.  Also, following relaxation of Covid restrictions, we plan to have a complete programme of model railway shows and other events throughout 2023; income from sales on-board trains and at various events was of course severely restricted since March 2020.  We are always keen to ‘recruit’ members to our teams for on-board activities, at stations and at railway events; no sales experience is necessary and it is also an opportunity for us to promote membership of FNRM and publicise the museum’s events.  Please get in touch if you’d like to help.

In this issue of NRM Review, we have part two of the story of the 1923 Grouping, this time looking at the formation of the LMS.  Following the tumultuous reign of three Prime Ministers last year, Mike Peart looks at how Prime Ministers have been ‘celebrated’ by the railways, and Picture Gallery commemorates the last Coronation, seventy years ago.  Hopefully, this issue reached you in time for the Bank Holiday Coronation weekend.  With summer approaching, Ray Walkington looks at how the railways accommodated holiday traffic at Bridlington and the task of getting thousands of sun seekers to the coast (and back again) in steam days.  Although we had planned to end the Old Tunnels Never Die series in the last issue, a recent event in Edinburgh has reminded us that they are still making their (unwelcome at times) presence felt.   

We haven’t received many letters from members recently, so please do feedback your comments, suggestions and reminiscences sparked by our articles!


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