Spring 2020 issue 171

The 68 page Spring edition 2020 of the Friends' quarterly magazine NRM Review contains, amongst others, articles commemorating the end of the Second World War to coincide with the VE Day 75th anniversary on 8 May.


The 'GWR in WW2 year by year' describes how the company was affected by the restrictions put upon it during the six years of WW2 and also the effect of air-raids and increased demands such as D-Day preparations whilst still suffering from increasing lack of maintenance and labour shortages as the men were called up.

'A Wartime Journey' describes one member's evacuation story making a Lincolnshire to Devon trip three times a year.


We also have two feature articles, one covering the whole of Britain's railways through the war and the life and times of those working across the country and how the railways helped to win the war.

The Bombing of York North Shed (now the NRM) and York station is covered in detail with many rarely seen photos of the 'day after'. Two of the eight British locomotives lost in the war were destroyed in that raid. 


An apology - Unfortunately, two of the photos in this article have come out a bit dark in NRM Review.  The picture below shows 4469's wheels which were borrowed to enable it to go from York to Doncaster where it was condemned.  Compare these with the damaged wheels below right which were considered unsuitable to make the journey.

Also, note that the tender made it from York to Doncaster on only six wheels, the image in NRM Review came out too dark to show this. The axle below the large hole labelled 'RATS' is missing.  Also for clarity is the tender's graffiti.

Secondly, a major article by one of our most knowledgeable members describes the locomotives built or rebuilt/modified during the war and also the Ministry of Supply Austerity engines (commonly called 'Ozzies') and also those drafted in from the USA to work on Britain's network. Bulleid's pacifics were of course one of the major introductions during WW2.


We also have articles on diverse subjects - daily commuting from Yorkshire to London 900 times, Western Region passenger train operation in the 1980s, and the competition to win the prestigious job of designing the NRM's new Central Hall ('Vision 2025'), Picture Gallery featuring the Leek & Manifold Railway and regular updates on the FNRM activities. And not forgetting the latest contributions to our 'Railway Pub Signs' project.


The NRM Review is of course one of the benefits of being a member of the Friends of the NRM and is published in January, April, July and October.

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