Autumn 2019 issue 169

“Where, What, When?” is a regular column in NRM Review where a photograph from the archives is selected.  Readers then have to use their memories or detective skills to locate the answers to those three questions.  There are no prizes, but readers’ answers and thoughts are published in the next issue. We usually get a good selection of answers, the numbers depending on the difficulty of the quiz, however, Staffordshire’s Leek & Manifold Railway in this issue precipitated such a large postbag with much interest that it was decided to show a selection of photos of the line in Picture Gallery (issue 171).

Rolling Stock Review is another regular, and there were updates on the electric 2HAP unit, now renovated at Shildon, Class 71 refurbishment and Schools 30925 Cheltenham at the Mid-Hants Railway.

North Eastern Tile maps once adorned many stations and the second part of Jeremy Clarke’s in-depth study of these intriguing ceramic artefacts showed how geographical errors, spelling mistakes and other quirks crept into their production.  The 45th commemoration of the Moorgate tube disaster is described and there is a summary of other accidents, these due to high-pressure boilers, including a spectacular boiler explosion in 1877 which turned a locomotive into what can only be described as a plate of spaghetti on wheels.

This issue also sees the start of a new project in which FNRM members across the country can be involved at little cost and effort.  Railways have been a subject of pub signs for almost two centuries (‘The Railway’ is the sixth most common British pub name) and as pub closures continue apace, it is time to start photographing and recording as many as we can.  Although we cannot reimburse members for any drinks needing to be bought, we encourage photos to be taken of all railway-related pubs and we will feature some in future issues. 

The NRM’s exhibition of early hand-built model locomotives ‘Brass, Steel and Fire’ is described. However, the major news is the acquisition by the NRM of the original Rocket, previously exhibited for many decades at the Science Museum, Kensington.   York is now its permanent home and a photo of it in Station Hall adorns the cover.  The inaugural display of another acquisition, HST power car 43002 at Shildon’s 15th Anniversary Gala is described along with the regular reviews of new books and updates of the Winter and Spring events and talks at Shildon and York.

The NRM Review is of course one of the benefits of being a member of the Friends of the NRM and is published in January, April, July and October.

awaiting photo of front cover

A section of one of the NER ceramic tile maps.

To the left, the original Rocket now in Station Hall and above, a model from the Brass, Steel and Fire exhibition.

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