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Members receive the NRM Review, our quarterly magazine which keeps Friends in touch with events at the Museum, carries information about the National Collection, features articles of general railway interest and includes authoritative reviews of recently published books.

Discounts are usually offered to members at the Museum shop, the catering outlets and the car park.

Meetings are arranged for members in York, London and Shildon.

Annual Membership (valid for twelve months, from the date of registration)

Unwaged Membership - for students, registered unemployed, registered disabled and those who have retired.

Family Membership - for a maximum of four persons, two or three of whom are under 18 years of age, residing at the same address.

Gift Aid - if you pay income tax in the UK, including tax deducted on any wages or salaries under PAYE rules or capital gains tax, equal to the amount the charity is claiming in the tax year in which the donation is made, we may claim currently 25% of that donation from the Inland Revenue.

Charities Aid Foundation - We can accept donations by CAF Cheque or CAF Charity Card but we are not able to accept membership payments.


We now welcome Membership applications and renewals on-line (click below)


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Full membership (ordinary)           £22.00

Full membership (unwaged)          £16.50

Full Junior membership (under 18) £11.00

Family membership                       £33.00

Retired Couple membership           £25.00

Group Membership                        £40.00



Age under 60           £350.00

Age over 60             £250.00

Retired Couple         £400.00

Family                     £500.00


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